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Result of Miracle seekers

The result of Miracle seekers
 In our country Nigeria is every day church are been opened as a business to get rich quicker.
So many pastors doing miracle and performing signs that are not from.
That's why the scripture made us to understand not everyone who call me lord Wii see the kingdom of heaven.
 But today we find so much air lifting from church to church in the name of miracles.

When you overhear that a pastor is doing this,the next DAT you are already in his church.
He will say pay some amount of money for prophecy and deliverance.
  Because  of you are seeking miracle
Blindly, it escapes your mind that by their fruit you shall no them.
For Catholics you have everything necessary to grab in the church.
  You have Jesus in the blessed sacrament present in body, soul and divinity hidden under the species of bread and wine, praying through the saint, BVM efficacious intercession and the sacraments.
I wonder for a Christian Catholic who see Jesus everyday and yet can ask him for.
Something or by faith you persuade Jesus to answer it quickly.
Is it when you go to  other churches that you will find Jesus and neglecting what you had.
  For the Pentecostal churches some are really teaching salvation,Christians mind moving to and fro to his denominations or to the other.
The below pictures will be a lesson to those who are still on the act of running of driving the windmill to any direction any miracle is performed.

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