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LONELY AT THE TOP Lionel Messi admits he misses Cristiano Ronaldo and reveals he wishes he never left Real Madrid

Lionel Messi misses his former foe Cristiano Ronaldo and wishes he had stayed in Spain.

Ever since the Portugal captain moved to Real Madrid in 2009, the superstars have been neck-and-neck at the very pinnacle of world football.
For fears, fans feared the two best players in the world despised each other

But following Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus in 2018, the pair have not faced each other.
Messi claimed ‘El Clasico’ was given an extra edge because of Ronaldo’s involvement, with the games often decided by which man could impose their will first.
“I wanted him to continue with Real Madrid,” he told RAC1 .
“He gave a plus to the rivalry in the Clasico and La Liga.

But Ronaldo and Messi have now both come out and said they missed one another

“Real Madrid will continue to challenge because they have very good players, but I already said that the team was going to feel his loss for what he meant and that the squad would notice.
“But they have plenty of players to allow them to fight for every title and they have a lot of history.”
The pair were last seen together at the FIFA Best awards in August when Ronaldo also admitted he missed the rivalry between the pair and even invited the Argentina captain out for dinner.

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