My Girlfriend Has Smoking And Drinking Issues

Hello everyone
I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible.
So we’ve been dating with my girlfriend for about a year plus but for most of that time ive not been around but now am back and I want to be more serious in the relationship because as it stands gradually I got attached to her honestly and I love her so dearly but of recent she opened up to me about her smoking and drinking habit that she wants to stop it but she finds it hard and yes its that serious.

Honestly speaking I was not happy when I got to know of it but what can I do she has my mumu button already.
later I told her that if she really wants the relationship to continue she has to stop drinking or smoking she agreed together we’ve been trying to stop it and I’ve been encouraging her for about two weeks she didn’t take anything but one day she came crying that she fell for her habit again since then I’ve been also encouraging her to stop but when we make progress she goes back again Please I need advice on how to curb this issue I can’t leave this girl I really love her.

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