Demi Lovato responded to the DemiIsOverParty Twitter Trend and Cancel Culture

Demi Lovato responded to the DemiIsOverParty Twitter Trend and Cancel Culture

Jameela Jamil clarified that her just-published interview with Demi Lovato was actually recorded before #DemiIsOverParty trended again in the week in reference to an alleged private Instagram account that dragged Selena Gomez.

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Days after #DemiIsOverParty started trending on Twitter because fans thought they found Demi Lovato’s finsta account dragging Selena Gomez, the “Anyone” singer opened about cancel culture. But before you go, “Cancel culture isn’t even real!” Demi knows that and does think some people should ‘stay canceled.’

Talking to Jameela Jamil, Demi was like, “I’ve been canceled numerous times that I can’t even count.” She then mentioned that specific hashtag, which has been used on different occasions including in the week when fans alleged they found Demi’s finsta account, including posts making fun of Selena Gomez
. (Demi’s interview happened before the finsta came to light though.) “The hashtag, #DemiIsOverParty, that whole , it’s a bit like , it doesn’t even affect me anymore. So one, it’s just not real.’

Then she schooled everyone who thinks cancel culture has had unwarranted negative consequences for people’s careers and said, “I don’t think that anybody was ever officially canceled, otherwise certain people wouldn’t have Grammys today, certain people wouldn’t have Oscars, and certain people wouldn’t be where they're in their positions.” Preach!
Demi also added that rather than focusing such a lot on canceling people, everyone should believe “forgiveness culture,” as she called it. She wondered:
‘Where is the forgiveness culture? If you've got used up your second and third chances with a particular topic, you’re canceled and you ought to stay canceled, but if you mess up and you apologize and you come to the fore and you say, ‘I’ve learned from this,’ then let that be an example for people in order that they will change too.’

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