A distraught woman was seen in a viral video crying after she was allegedly sent out of a police headquarters in Abia state, after reporting a rape incident perpetrated against her daughter.

Twitter user @bimbo_cash said the woman was asked to leave the police station after reporting that her 5-year-old daughter was raped by a 30-year-old man. The video was recorded by an honest Samaritan who showed concern.

The lady claimed she was assaulted at the police station by policemen who asked her to travel home and treat her child along with her own money, after allegedly receiving bribe.

The Twitter user tweeted;
So a 5 year old was raped by a 30 year old and the Nigerian Police dismissed the case asking the mother to leave the station with her child . She was found crying in the dark of the night . This happened in Abia [email protected] You need to do something about this immediatelyApparently, it was a passerby that saw them crying that made this video . If you know the woman in this video . Please contact

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