Beachgoers look on in shock as man grabs shark with bare hands on Delaware beach in viral video

A man was filmed grabbing a shark with his bare hands on Delaware beach and the video has gone viral.

The swimmer grabbed the shark off Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware last weekend.

The video, shared on Facebook by Delaware native Rachael Foster, shows a young man grabbing onto the shark while trying to unhook it after it had been caught.

Sharing the video, Foster wrote: "Everyone started yelling, ‘Shark, shark, get out of the water!'. it had been so crazy, sort of a movie. Like Jaws."
According to Foster, the person in the video wasn't the one that caught the shark. After his friend caught the shark, the person went in the water to open the shark’s mouth to urge the hook out. Then, the shark was let go.

According to the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, sand shark and sandbar sharks are prohibited from being kept and people that aren't retained must be immediately released to make sure survival.

Speaking of the encounter, Foster said: "It was so cool. and that we come on the beaches tons . Probably two to 3 times every week . But we’ve never experienced anything like that.

Watch the video below.

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