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Bobrisky list 7 things on how to become a rich side chic for women.

Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram handle to list out 7 things you must consider on how to become a rich side chic.
He made a list of 7 things to note if a woman wants to become a rich side chic. According to him, you should  never act desperate, learn to keep a secret, never be jealous, dress to kill and more.

Read as he posted below…

Now listen up girls. Go get a pen and write dis down. How to become a rich SIDE CHICK 
★ Never show or tell anyone who u are fucking. 
★ you think you have friends ? Naaa you don’t. Don’t ever tell ur friend who is paying ur bills. No matter how close u guys are. 
★learn how to keep SECRET. It important because it helps a lot. 
★The moment you catch a big boyfriend.. give him all d style his wife can’t give him at home. 
★Never be jealous, he is not ur husband. He is a married man. Fuck him well and Chop his money coded. 
★Never act desperate…. work hard and wait for his own additional support. 
★learn to dress to kill, smell nice and stay beautiful always.

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