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‘He knows something’ Facebook users call on police to investigate a man after he dropped a hint while gloating over the death of Uwa Omozuwa

A man left a comment that Facebook users believe hints at the motive behind the actions of Uwa Omozuwa's killers and they've involved him to be investigated so he can reveal what he allegedly knows.

Livinus Elem made a suspicious comment while reacting to a post reporting on Uwa Omozuwa's death. He gloated over her death and blamed her for the attack.
He wrote: "Good for her why will she be dating two room mates the same time."

His comment has been trending on Facebook and he was forced to delete it and deactivate his account.
Facebook users are posing for him to be probed since he made a claim about the deceased that's not known to the general public .

22-year-old Uwa Vera Omozuwa was brutally raped and murdered inside a church where she visited read.

Below are some reactions to Livinus Elem's comment.

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