Rayshard Brooks shooting: Trump says police not being treated fairly.

Rayshard Brooks shooting: Trump says police not being treated fairly.

The United States President Donald Trump has responded to the shooting at Rayshard Brooks which was caused by an Atlanta Police Officer, Garrett Rolfe being been charge for Felony Murder on Wednesday June 17.

Although The Prosecutor said Brooks pose to threat when he was shot and that the White Cops kicked him and offered no

Medical treatment as he was left to die on the ground, Donald Trump has insisted that the White officer was not treated fairly as no one should resist a Police officer.

Recently speaking on Fox Interview, the United States President also said he heard an explanation from Rolfe's lawyer that the Officer that shot him heard a gunshot sound and saw a flash in front of him.

He said;
I don’t know that I would have necessarily believed that, but I will tell you, that’s a very interesting thing and maybe that’s so. They are going to have to find out. It’s up to justice right now. It’s going to be up to justice. I hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country. They have not been treated fairly.

The mayor of Atlanta “Keisha Lance bottoms ” made it known that the Morale in the police department was “ down ten-fold” due to the charges.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday night, Bottoms said “we expect our officers will keep their commitment to our communities” amid reports that officers were calling in sick.

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