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Reactions from Twitter users as Heritage Bank Suspends Dbanj over rape allegation

Nigerian Singer D'banj is on the verge of Loosing his ambassadorship with heritage Bank over rape allegation placed on him by a lady.

According to reports,the Singer was accused of rape, which as led to many reactions from social media users,the country.

Heritage bank has suspended dbanj of his ambassadorship just because of allegation that he is not yet guilty of False rape sympathizers you call for it & your wish has been granted For men who are happy that Dbanj is suspended you will be a victim of false rape🙏🏿#DbanjSuspended. 
Suspending Dbanj based on hearsay, for me, is a hasty decision by Heritage bank. I understand they are trying to protect their corporate image but that bloke deserves a fair hearing. #DbanjSuspended. 
Hey koko master, if u are not guilty, y did u delete d suppose lawyer writeup on IG? & y re ur unreleased music been tweeted from ur accuser account not urs? r u not a peace Ambassador? y intimidate & threaten her if u r innocent? am no longer a fan.Bye @iamdbanj #DbanjSuspended. 
But the girl in question sent out a tweet that was never arrested, why is everyone crying more than the bereaved. 
God will punish any lady who accuse anyone of rape falsely God will punish your generation..this was same way they accuse neymar falsely how wish he wasn’t smart enough to record it #DbanjSuspended. 
If @iamdbanj loses any endorsement then @KingNelo13 deserves the accolades... She led this campaign yesterday in defence of @seyitannn_ and it was supported by a lot of us, i was sending mails till yesterday night. She deserves it #DbanjSuspended

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