‘We shouldn’t allow girls with big breasts come to our matrimonial home because of my husband’– Regina Daniels says as she bids her busty friend goodbye (Video)

Girls with big breast should stop coming to our matrimonial home due to my husband
Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has advised that it's not wise for ladies to permit their busty friends into their matrimonial homes.

In the video, a heavily pregnant Regina , who appeared like she was joking was seen bidding her friend goodbye after a visit.

Regina asked her friend to offer her a hug and the friend obliged. Regina then spoke about the lady’s boobs, saying it isn’t wise to have busty friends over.

We shouldn’t allow girls with big breasts to return to our matrimonial home,” Regina says, then adds in Igbo, “ because of my husband.

Watch the video below.

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