White woman punched on the face after calling a black woman the 'n-word (Video).

In the short video clip, which was shared online, the unidentified middle age white lady can be heard making the racial slur at the black lady while quarrelling in a California 7-eleven on Monday.

The black lady then challenged her to use the racist word again, which she then does, resulting to a physical fight.

The short video started with the two ladies screaming at each other across the store, with much of their voice heard.

It is not very clear what resulted to the dispute but the white lady repeatedly shouts ' all what I said was excuse me'.

'Wash your mouth,' the black lady is heard telling her. 

As the shouting continues, the white woman is heard saying the n-word for the first time

The black challenged her to say it again and threatens to hit her is she does.

"Try it" she said, before the white lady response by using the racial slur for a second time.

The outraged victim of the racist term lashes out, punching the woman in the face multiple times.

The white lady then ends up on the floor of the store where she appears to hold onto the other lady's leg. Watch video below

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