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You don’t need a church wedding to be married. It isn’t within the scriptures — Reno Omokri

In his post on Twitter, Reno Omokri shared his thoughts on White/Church Wedding.

Reno Omokri stated that White wedding contains a pagan origin and other people should emancipate themselves from religious slavery.

He said that a pastor or prophet cannot make a wedding holy and therefore the only persons who can do this are the parents of the couple getting married.

He wrote;
Someone said church wedding is necessary because pastors are God’s representatives on Earth. To that man, my question is this: What are your parents? Devil’s representative? No blessing on Earth is greater than parent’s blessing. After God, parents. 
Many people are unmarried, though they are in love, because they cant afford a White Wedding and their parents and church insist on it. Emancipate yourselves from religious slavery. A White wedding has pagan, not Christian origin. You dont need it!If not for space I would have listed every marriage in Scripture (about 14). Not a single one involved a church, temple or synagogue. None involved a pastor, priest or prophet. Isaiah only invited a fellow priest as a WITNESS, not as an OFFICIATOR!No pastor, priest, or prophet can make your marriage holy. The only persons that can make your marriage holy are your parents. Ask any pastor to open to the verse that gives him and his church authority to marry you. He will start speaking English!Isaiah was a prophet. When he wanted to marry, all he did was invite 2 witnesses. And immediately the lady became his wife (Isaiah 8:2-3). No ceremony. God made marriage EASY. It‘s humans who made it complicated. Church has no business with weddingThe power a priest/pastor has to say ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’, comes from man, not God. There is no Scriptural authority for that. God Himself pronounces you married once your parents consent to your union (Gen 2:24). It a family affair!This is how God defined marriage-“a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one”-Gen 2:24The ONLY people involved are:* A man* A woman* ParentsNo pastor/church is involved! It’s a family affairIn Europe, over the centuries, first the Roman Catholic Church then other breakaway European churches, introduced elaborate white wedding and marketed it as Christian wedding, purely for monetary reasons. White wedding is more pagan than Christian* Wedding dress* Cake* Wedding ring* Bridesmaids* Groomsmen, &* BouquetNone of the above is necessary for a Christian wedding. They are all European culture. Africans were brainwashed to see White Wedding as Christians wedding. It is NOT!!!Church has absolutely NO ROLE in a Christian wedding. Read Scripture. Marriage is purely a FAMILY AFFAIR. Parents bless it, not pastor or priest. Even the wedding Christ attended was at a HOME and He was invited as a GUEST!

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