Young Man Mercilessly whipping his teenage sister after discovering a video of her twerking online half naked

A Viral Video has gone viral of a Young man Mercilessly whipping his teenage sister after he discovers a video of her performing a s£xually suggestive dance known as twerking on Instagram.

It is suggested that one of the reason she is getting so bitterly flogged is because the tenets of her religion as a Muslim do not support her exposing her body in that manner.

A twitter user oyimzy shared the video with the caption:

I just came across this shocking video of this lady being beaten and tortured. Apparently she’s been beaten for uploading an IG nud£ video. This is the 21st century for God’s sake, these bastards needs to be jailed!!!

Some social media users have expressed divided views on the propriety or otherwise of the man disciplining his sister in the manner he did.

While some thought he did well by standing his grounds as an elder brother , others raised issues of human rights abuse, especially the fact that the video of him whipping her being posted online as well.

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