Don't be fooled, most of these artists are now broke: rapper, Illbliss

Popular Nigerian Indian rapper, Illbliss "Oga boss" has turned to social media to categorically claim that most celebrities, especially the artists, are now "broke."

He made it known in a recent post that he shared through his official Twitter page.

According to him, most of the artists were outlandish, always spending recklessly in the hope that the money would keep coming. He said that the Covid-19 outbreak showed that his monetary mindset was wrong.

Illbliss says most artists are now broke Illbliss revealed that most artists waste their money on jewelry, rented terrace houses, slippers and drugs without saving for the rainy day.

In his words, "Don't be fooled, kid. Most of these cats are broke. They blew their meager change into jewelry, rented terrace houses, sneakers, and drugs. Covid is a bastard. Now we know who saved for the rainy day ”.

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