Repentant Boko Haram Terrorist Kills Father, Steals His Cow –Ndume

the Senator Ali Ndume has disclosed that one among the repentant Boko Haram fighters, who was reabsorbed into the community, has killed his father and absconded together with his cows.

Ndume said this while speaking in an interview on ChannelsTV monitored by our correspondent.

Ndume also faulted the programme, saying the govt should have started by rehabilitating the victims before performing on the attackers.

He said, “Those that are radicalised and released into the community, there's no monitoring device, and most of them that are back, I can give an example in Damboa,

“One of them only came back to kill his father and take away his cows and ran away with it.

“Some of them that returned to Damboa, after two, three days, they disappeared. I learnt reliably that even within the course of de-radicalisation, they said they're not willing to return to live with the infidels.

“This programme really must be looked into immediately. i'm gathering information and position of my people and even go legal.”

Ndume also described the programme as “a very misplaced priority that's not alleged to happen now.”

He added that while it's okay to deradicalise, the timing was completely wrong.

This may be a situation where we still have over a million internally displaced in various camps and host communities and that they are still handling the trauma of the insurgency and therefore the government is doing this Operation Safe Corridor bringing in those people who tortured, killed and maimed. The memories are still fresh in our mind.

“Almost all the people are against this programme.

“Why don’t you rehabilitate, resettle the people that are handling the trauma and provides them startup pack to start out their lives in any part of the country?

“We have IDPs scattered everywhere the country. If the govt is serious a few programme like this, it should start with the victims first, not the perpetrators,” Ndume added.

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