IYC condemns the destruction of Akamabou Community

IYC Ijaw Youth Council

The ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has condemned the destruction of Akamabou Community in Bayelsa State, by the Nigerian Military as a decoy on their outdated and failed startegy to conflict resolution.

In a Press Statement Signed by The Ijaw Youth Council.

The IYC in the strongest possible terms condemn these incessant onslaughts to the Ijaw people and accused the Buhari presidency as a way to infiltrate investor’s confidence to shy away, and not to invest in Ijaw territories with regard to addressing our infrastructure deficit.

We will not condone the wanton destruction of Ijaw communities by the Nigerian State as a way of adding to our economic woes and the marginalization Ijaw people are subjected to.

In any case, the IYC believes law and order ought to be maintained by all, but the consistent vandalization of Ijaw communities looking for criminals, is a flagrant disregard that the Nigerian State does not appreciate the Ijaw people's economic contributions to the sustenance of Nigeria.

Nigerians are now enlightened that the stick and carrot approach used against Ijaw communities by the Nigerian military is unprofessional and a crime against the Ijaw people.

The IYC, therefore, called on the leadership of the Nigerian military to as a matter of urgency resign and exonerate themselves from this national embarrassment. This act is despicable, and we will explore all legal windows within the ambit of the constitution and international laws for justice to be served.

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