Kate Henshaw reacts to follower who accused her of getting paid by the government just to make people believe the virus is real in Nigeria.

Popular Nollywood Actress Kate Henshaw has reacted to a followers comment on her page accusing her that she was paid by the government to make people believe that the COVID-19 virus is real in Nigeria.

Kate Henshaw who took to her Twitter page to announce how  she took her COVID-19 test and it was uncomfortable.

She wrote: “Just took my Covid test. Mehn its uncomfortable make I no lie. I was already in tears cos this @NseIkpeEtim told me it was painful. The lady was nice & gentle sha. Told me 2 take a deep breath while she stuck the swab stick deep inside my nose and take a deep breath.

A follower reacted to her tweet, claiming that Kate has been paid to spread Covid-19 fear. Kate was angered by the follower's insinuation so she blocked the person.

She then addressed it, writing: “Some one now commented on my IG saying” all these celebrities that have been paid to say there is Covid, God will judge you " If I land am better curse now shay they will say Kate has started again inside blogs. I just blocked the person and moved on. COVID IS REAL!!”

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