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Nigerian's fires back as pharmacy sells Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate for 50,000 Naira, After a Nigerian doctor claimed it treats Coronavirus

Most Nigerian's has reacted after a twitter user share of Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate and said it was sold for 50,000 Naira in Pharmacy in Port Harcourt.

The drug became highly sort after when a Nigerian-trained US-based medical doctor said she has used a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax to treat over 350 Covid-19 patients and none died.

While her claim has been highly disputed, demand for the drug has skyrocketed and this has made it expensive.

There are claims that a pharmacy in Port Harcourt is selling a packet of Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, containing 60 tablets, for 50,000 Naira and Nigerians are shocked.

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