Security Officials Shaves off protesters Hair with broken Bottle in Abuja.

Security operatives deployed to disperse members of RevolutionNow movement in Abuja have shaved off the hair of a protester with a knife and broken bottle.

The victim revealed that the officers asked him to prostrate on the ground before one among them pulled out a knife while another used a broken bottle to chop off his dreadlocks and shave his hair.

The young man said that the security agents harassed him for wearing "brown hair' since he was not a lady .

Another protester with bruises on his back, Damilare Adenola, said he was dehumanised and battered by the safety operatives for participating within the protest to demand better governance from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said he was flogged with iron and chain and kicked to the ground for no reason.

He said, i was beaten by over four soldiers and policemen. They slapped me several times and kicked me with boots. They also collected my phone and didn't return it to me.

It is unfortunate that this government doesn't accommodate civic space. there's no freedom of speech in Nigeria again.

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