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Lady rejects boyfriend's engagement ring, felt embarrassed after another lady took the ring in her presence

Things like this make me happy and i hope more ladies will learn from it and adjust accordingly.

The video of another engagement proposal surfaced online and this point rather than a tragic and embarrassing moment for the guy like we usually see, the lady was at the receiving end this time.

According to the video, the guy and his supposed girlfriend crossed to the opposite side of the road to buy roasted corn and while they were at it, the guy went on his knees, brought a ring out of his pocket and pop the question.

But the girlfriend bluntly refused claiming he's embarrassing her, considering the location and all. But a lady who was present during the incident moved closer to the guy, pulled him up, and told him to place the ring on her finger and took him away.

It was then the girlfriend started pleading for reconciliation. She claims that her actions weren't genuine, that she was just joking.But it was too late to apologise.

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