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The cartoon on Hanan Buhari?s wedding meant no harm - Daily Trust Cartoonist Mustapha Bulama

Mustapha Bulama, a Daily Trust newspaper cartoonist has reacted to the condemnation his artwork on Hanan Buhari's wedding got from the presidency. 

The cartoonist had shared a cartoon during which Aisha Buhari was seen flaunting pictures from Hanan’s wedding while Nigerians struggled to escape drowning. The cartoon came with the caption “At least you'll enjoy the pictures.

Reacting to the cartoon, Aisha Buhari's spokesperson Aliyi Abdullahi described it as "unfair because Hanan held a "low-key wedding.

In an interview with BBC, Bulama stated that he meant no harm. He expressed surprise with the reaction the cartoon got and also appealed to those in power to assist the poor masses. 

He said; 

I mean no harm for the wedding of Hanan Buhari. i was only doing my work. within the cartoon, l was just trying to point out the experience of Nigerians currently.

This is the first time i will get reaction from such high place to my work. It shows that those in power actually see and hear us. I hope we still inspire them to make life easier for the people.

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