Crime:17-year-old girl gang raped to death in Cameroon

A 17-year-old girl identified as Minette Fotsting is reported to have been raped to death by unknown men in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

It was gathered that the teenager fondly called Kitty, was found in critical condition beside a construction site in Logpom district shortly from her family house within the early of Wednesday, September 30.

She was rushed to a clinic within the Bepanda district of the 5th Arrondissenment in Douala for medical attention. Despite the urgent care administered on her, Kitty gave up the ghost hours later.

The findings of the examinations administered by doctors indicate vaginal discharge, vulvar secretions and dehydration "suggesting signs of forceful recent sexual intercourse" an interpretation supported by the family.

It was learnt that the deceased was also sodomised by the unknown assailants.

According to local media, Kitty arrived Douala from the West Region to continue her studies while staying together with her elder brother. She was recently been admitted to study her BEPC exam

Meanwhile, Cameroonians have taken to social media to demand for justice.

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