#EndSWAT trends as Nigerian reacts to the replacement of SARS with SWAT (See Tweets)


Nigerian youths have rejected the newly formed SWAT announced by the inspector general of Police, today, October 13.

There has been an ongoing protest against police brutality and SARS, as Nigerian youths across the country have voiced their grievances over the extortion, killing, raping, and kidnapping of youths in the country.

The #EndSars protest led to the announcement of SWAT which will serve as a replacement to SARS.

However, the Nigerian youths have aired their opinion, as they turn the federal government to prevent the introduction of SWAT, since the same security operatives are going to be redeployed to the new unit.

See some tweet below ;

Dear IG, before you create any #SWAT, we need justice for our brothers and sisters killed by the deadly SARS. The officers responsible for their deaths must be persecuted and sent to jail.

Until then, #EndSWAT.

— Uncle Mark (@iamUncleMark) October 13, 2020

Even the AK-47 they're carrying under the name SARS is scary. Calling them #SWAT means this cruel people can just carry M-16 or Bazooka and be doing "call of duty" on Nigerian youths. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!#SarsMustGoNow #EndSwat

— ENITURN (@eniturn) October 13, 2020



— H.A.I.S.H.A.H

(@EWAWUNMIII) October 13, 2020

So what the IGP is saying is that in the space of two days they were able to train new officers and create a new department named SWAT like how stupid do they think Nigerians are ?#SWAT

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