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"I am going to fly 1 Nigerian youth to the UK" Queen's Young Leader, Adam Bradford says as he condemns "the lack of response" from Nigerian government regarding #EndSARS

English social activist, Adam Bradford has condemned "the lack of government response" to the decision from Nigerians to finish SARS and he has revealed plans to fly a Nigerian to the united kingdom .

Bradford, who is a Queen's Young Leader Award winner, took to Twitter to form the announcement.

He tweeted: "The lack of government response within the #EndSARS situation is abominable. Therefore, i'm going to fly 1 exceptional Nigerian youth to the united kingdom , and that we will show international diplomats how prosperous Nigerian youth are. I work in NG, i believe in you. Reply if it should be you."

He added: "Young Nigerians with positive side of NG to point out - apply for this trip by emailing to [email protected] Please email before 5pm Nigeria time 2moro. we'll announce winner by 6pm tomorrow. we'll introduce you to MPs, one Senior Politician & media. Showcase yourself! #EndSARS.

His tweet has gone viral as Nigerians replied, suggesting which Nigerian youth should be picked based on the work they've done with regards to the end SARS protests. 

A number of Nigerians stated that Nigerians don't need to be flown to the united kingdom and suggested instead that they ought to influence the United Nations to get involved.

Emwanta Natastia Ehi tweeted: "Non folks is flying anywhere all these wereye children. Instead call that Buffon of a president to other. Send the United Nations fleet ...send a peace keeping trop. so that while we protest we'll be protected.Thats all due to political agreement you cannot tell bubari wat to do."

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