I approve their relationship ‘Kiddwaya's mum hugs and kiss Erica, reveals she is rooting for ‘Kiddrica’ (video)

Kiddwaya's mother, Susan Lulun Waya made an appearance at a meet and greet event organized for Erica in Abuja.

Speaking at the event on Friday, October 2, Susan Waya said she was there to welcome the Elites - Erica's fans - and to point out support for Erica, who was her son Kiddwaya's love interest within the Big Brother Naija house during the recently concluded season of the truth show.

Standing beside Erica, Susan Waya said: "I see myself in this little lady and i am here to support her. i can not replace her mother but she's my daughter. And today, i would like to confirm to you, i am KiddRica."

KiddRica is a portmanteau of Kiddwaya and Erica's names, and other people rooting for them and their relationship refer to themselves as KiddRica shippers.

Kiddwaya's mother's revelation that she's a KiddRica shipper elicited loud cheers from those present.

After her speech, she hugged and kissed Erica.

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