It is illegal to check phones, computers of citizens, DCP Frank Mba says in IG live chat with Naira Marley

DCP Frank Mba has given new assurances of swift steps being taken to curb the excesses of SARS officials 

The police spokesperson made this known during a recent Instagram live chat with rapper Naira Marley - consistent with DCP Mba, it's illegal for cops to search the mobile devices of citizens or accost them for wearing dreadlocks, tattoos

Mba also stated that citizens are allowed to film their interactions with law enforcement officials once it's getting to some extent of worry and concern 

DCP Frank Mba, the spokesperson of the Nigerian police (NPF), was recently on a live interview session with rapper, Naira Marley, following the last-minute cancellation of the EndSARS protest. 

The police spokesperson during the chat addressed the concerns of citizens, particularly youths within the country, because it regards the activities of some SARS operatives within the country.

DCP Frank Mba reassures youths in IG live chat with Naira Marley.

Photo: Instagram/@nairamarley/@nigerianpoliceforce Source: Instagram The policeman also stated that it's illegal for SARS operatives or other police officers to go through the mobile phones or properties of citizens.

When Naira Marley brought up the difficulty of citizens who are harassed due to how they dressed, DCP Mba noted that police officers are issued a stern warning to respect the choices of citizens and as such nobody should be accosted for such things as wearing dreadlocks or tattoos.

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