Nigeria @60 a failed nation– MC Tonbra

Nigerian's are Celebrating 60 years of independence, are we truly free, what has Nigeria achieved for the past 60years. 

Nigeria a blessed nation with so many natural resources, A nation free from natural disaster, yet there is nothing to show. 

A country where leaders are not faithful, loyal and honest, A country where leaders are not ready to serve the nation but to steal from it, A country where the leaders have failed to defend the unity of the nation, A country where the leaders have failed to uphold the glory of the nation and yet they keep reciting the national pledge without knowing what they are saying.

A country where the lives of citizens are not important, A country where the rich steals from the poor, government steals from the citizens, police steals from the youths, power distribution companies (BEDC) steals from the people, Pastors steals from their church members, is this the country our past heroes fought to gain independence for, I don't think so. A country with so many resources yet they borrow money from other countries with no resources. A country where its citizens are eager to become citizens of other nation. 

Which way Nigeria 

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