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Over 30 arrested as #RevolutionNow protesters storm Lagos streets on Independence Day to demand end to bad governance


Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Lagos to demand an end to bad governance in Nigeria on the occasion of its 60th Independence and a minimum of 30 of those protesters have been arrested.

The demonstrators told newsmen that they were members of #RevolutionNow protesters.

Some members of the group, including the organizer, Omoyele Sowore, were arrested last year by the federal government for carrying out a similar protest.

During today's protest in Lagos, Nigerian security officers stormed the area and took at least 30 of them into custody.

Similar protests are also happening in another states within the country.

Reacting to the protest, Agba Jalingo “We are tired of Buhari and we want to inform the entire world that we are tired. Even with all the police mobilisation, we are here to show them our determination to confront this government.

We aren't going to be scared of them. we'll protest no matter what they do. Nigerians are tired of bearing the burden that Buhari keeps piling on us, they need to reverse the increase in fuel price, end ASUU strike.

@1Nigeriangirl reacted to the arrests, writing: "The revolution has begun. you'll only arrest how many? Kill how many? The people are fed up and the clock is ticking. Tiktok

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