Man beats wife with brick and stabs her to death with pitchfork in broad daylight as bystanders look on (video)

A man beat his wife to death in the street with a brick as bystanders looked on as Man Beats His Wife to Death in Street in Shanxi, Bystanders Look On

The horrifying attack happened in Shuozhou, China, on October 31.

The couple were riding alittle electric once they collided with another vehicle.

Eyewitnesses claim the person tried to escape , but his wife held him back. During an ensuing argument, the person threw her to the bottom and began beating her.

Shocking footage of the attack was shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The woman was beaten with a chair and a brick and stabbed within the body and face with a pitchfork.

Several bystanders witnessed the assault but didn't intervene.

Local police afterwards confirmed the person had been detained during a statement.

Shanxi, yesterday - a minimum of 4 people stand around as this man beats his wife. Nobody steps in to prevent this 'marital conflict.' this is often how it starts, but it finishes up with the lady being stabbed & killed by her husband.

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