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Do you agree or Not —No Unmarried African Woman Above 30 Is Happy – No Broke African Man Above 30 Is Happy (See Why)


I made this post last night and almost got lynched. One said it’s a Broke Man Mentality..perhaps she wanted to say “African Man Mentality” anyways, that’s her problem.

Except she’s a lesbian, no unmarried African woman above 30 is happy. She might pretend to, but deep down she doesn’t. Likewise men, no broke African man above 30 is happy.

A poor man don’t have a say in the society/family. This is a known fact, no need stressing my head on it. You’re better off dead if you’re poor. Dem go carry u do yeye for this life. Reason why 50cent said, “Get Rich or Die Trying” . You get the point now? Good!

I find it funny when some African folks tryna live a Western life in Africa. “Happiness is not tied to marriage” bla bla bla. They don’t need a man, they don’t need a woman, they don’t want to get married, they don’t want kids, yen yen yen! Shut up jare, deep inside you, you need all of that. Maybe you are broke, you are too ugly or deformed, no one is coming your way, you have attitude problem, you have tried several relationships and none worked out, you are barren or impotent, you belong to a secret society or something.

The dream of every African child is to go to School, graduate, get a good paying job, get married and have kids. Let’s stop living in denial and face our realities. We are born and raised in it. It’s like a religion, our culture and tradition. ~Richard Idasenibo

No doubt, people can decide not to get married, have kids and all that, but not here in Africa. You’ll never have peace/rest of mind. Family pressure, friends, strangers, social media users, shaming and mocking you with it over little misunderstanding. You get the point now?

Except your both parents are dead and no siblings, just you alone, no friends, always indoor, not on any of the social platform, only then you can have peace. And of course as a human being you cannot do without all of the aforementioned.

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