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My body is my body you don't have any right to film me — Man caught masturbating in commercial bus beats woman who filmed him while he was at it (video)


A man who was caught masturbating in a commercial vehicle hit the woman who filmed him while he was at it.

The woman was sitting next to the man when she noticed him masturbating so she called him out, saying: You know you can stop what you're doing and do it when you get home, you hear?

The man immediately removed his hand from his pants after he saw he had been caught.

However, later in the journey, the woman says she noticed him looking at her phone and asked him to stop and he attacked her.

In the video, the woman is heard calling him out for masturbating in the bus and he replied: "My body is my body. If I'm even doing anything, it's none of your business.

The verbal exchange soon escalated and the man hit her with his elbow and threatened to slap her, but a male passenger intervened.

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