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Wonders shall never end. See what students were caught doing (Watch Video)

The children we have on our hands today are making the efforts of parents and schools in their upbringing really worthless and it is heartbreaking and sad.

Maybe the ideas of the western world is a factor but one can also blame the parents, family and society as they are the first to instill moral decency into children.

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In a typical african society, you will never see any adult couple kissing or doing anything indecent but as modernity and the internet brought about telenovelas and foreign movies, everything has been thrown into disarray.

Now children copy whatever they see in these movies and try to imitate them whenever the opportunity avails itself with little or no parental supervision.

Viral Video Of [email protected] Captured On The Streets Having $3x (Watch video)

Due to policy violation, the video could not be uploaded on out site but you can watch it in our telegram channel below..

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