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A Lot of ladies Are In Slavery in the Name Of Marriage – Angela Eguavoen

Nollywood actress Angela Eguavoen has concluded that tons of women are slave all in the name of being and staying married.

The fast rising thespian took to her Instagram story to mention this, giving the rationale for her conclusion and assertion.

Narrating, Angela Eguavoen said she had a conversation with her married male friend and he bragged about how he can go more than a year without having sexual activity with his wife.

The surprised Angela then asked if he got his wife sexual toys to satisfy her urge and she was more shocked by his response of if he ever catches her with sexual items, she would leave his house.

The fact that she will use a toy to satisfy herself shows that she will sleep with another man* i was speechless, My mouth was open and no words came out. I’ve been brooding about this since then, the reality is a lot of women are in slavery and bondage all in name of marriage. I see him differently right now”, she concluded.

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