Fear Women: Slay Queen Caught Removing A Man’s Wallet From His Pocket in a Club (+Video)

A cctv recording is that is causing trends on Social Media is of a woman and a man who were spotted in a club, spending some time out. But what the woman did is shocking and hence, the notion fear women!

In the footage, the 2 individuals had secured a place in the club to have some chats but per their actions, it might be that they didn’t know themselves hence they only met at the club, probably a hookup or something.

In the video, the man asked for a hug and as they hugged, the woman was caught by the camera dipping her hands into the man’s suit pocket for his wallet but the man was unaware.

The man is ignorant because the woman gives him several kisses on the chin and lips while they hug to distract the man from noticing her plan to steal his wallet and some cash.

The man could be clearly spotted drunk yet the woman didn’t seem as though, probably because a person in such a game as she was got to stay alert and ready .

Watch full video below.

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