After Two Girls Fought And Harassed one another publicly , See What Happened Next (Video)

The young ladies in issue were pals who were taken in a video fight and harassed by other friends and several guys

In the video, they could see the 2 females attacking one other verbally, one of them abruptly snapped the other girl's smartphone and shattered it on the wall.

Anger rose up rapidly in the girl whose phone was hit and instantly started an attack on the other female. the next moment they were on the ground and tried to show their sensitive bodies.

The girls refused to be separated by their friends, and a middle-aged guy who used his belt to lash the two girls until they let one another go

According to the person who released the footage, a male sparked the conflict between the females. one among the females seem to sleep with the other's boyfriend and she discovered out

Instead of being sidetracked by boyfriends' problems, young females should focus on the way to make their own people proud of the next Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Kamala Harris

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