Female Singer, Vinka Kicks a fan After He Put His Hand In Between Her Laps On Stage (watch video)

Popular Ugandan Singer who is popularly as Vinka, was performing on stage. While she was singing to the crowd at the concert, a man inside the crowd stretched his hands to the touch the center of her laps. 

I am sure he didn't know that she would notice, or maybe he was thinking she was over excited with her performance. Immediately he did this shameful act, the singer can be seen kicking him with her legs. She was then held back by two men, as she continued her performance.

The video got tons of reactions online, as many of us applauded her for what she did. However, some people were of the opinion that she received that treatment because ahe dressed inappropriately on stage.

Many people are quick to say that women face harassment just because of the way they dress. 

This is actually wrong and will be totally condemned. If that man could do such a shameful thing to her while she is on stage, imagine what he can do to an average woman when nobody is watching. What are your thoughts about this? Drop a comment below.

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