Rockets fired from Lebanon towards Israel fell back inside Lebanon, see how Israel responded

The Israeli military said it fired artillery shells into Lebanon in response to several rockets allegedly fired from across the border. Tel Aviv claimed none of the projectiles reached the Israeli territory.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in a Twitter post confirmed that 6 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Israel. 

The tweet reads;

6 rockets were just fired from Lebanon toward northern Israel, all of which fell inside Lebanon.

In response, our artillery forces fired toward the sources of the launches.

A Lebanese security source also told Reuters that shells were heard being fired from south Lebanon and efforts were being made to identify the location. The source said about 22 shells were fired by Israeli artillery on Lebanese territory

According to the report by Reuters, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon said it had immediately contacted the Lebanese army and IDF commands urging both parties to exercise maximum restraint in order to prevent any escalation of the situation.

There were no reports of casualties or damage, and the shelling did not appear to signal the opening of a new front in Israel’s fighting with militants in the Gaza Strip.

However, civilians in Lebanon continue to protests in solidarity with Palestine as Israeli air raids killed nearly 200 people in Gaza.

Palestinian refugees and Lebanese civilians reportedly travelled to the border with Israel on Monday for the fourth consecutive day, proudly waving Palestinian flags and banners of the Hezbollah and Amal movements.

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