Side Chick Refuses To Leave a Woman’s House After She Was Caught With Her Husband [WATCH]

Marriage is not easy; it’s full of problems and challenges, particularly if you’re married to someone who cheats you. When their wives are not there, several men go out to mingle, and some even welcome them.

When a lady came to her house with her side chick to see her husband, she got angry and took a little bit of the side chick before telling her to leave.

The girl refused to leave her house, saying she had no right to touch her possessions and that she had to get them back to her. The side chick has the boldness to refuse to leave, as her husband was only encouraging.

Following this video on Instagram, some users responded by asking women to change their behavior towards marriage and not spring into it as it’s not easy to do. You have discussed how annoying it is that the side chick is too forward

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