South Africans are embarassed and feel humiliated after what the nurses were seen doing

South Africans public hospitals don't hold any good reputation, there stories that we hear/ read about and they are always despicable, infuriating and shocking

Their treatment to the patients have been for decades, the topic that people don't close their mouths about. tons of individuals have shared how nurses would take time to attend them or even give them the help that they need. Their insolence have stood out and they have been accused of being harsh and brutal to patients without any care in the world.

While that may be, a video of nurses fighting over food have left South Africans, worried, shocked rather. Nurses are seen fighting over food and plates are flying like ashes in the air.

so wish they invest the same energy into saving lives , respecting patients and their families", one tweeted

Could this mean, they're not earning much to fend themselves or they're being greedy?

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