Video Two women fighting at salon, watch the video here.

The video that is trending on social media of two women fighting or brutally breaking each other like they are trying to kill each other left people talking.

On the video at the salon two ladies trying to kill each other with fists blowing each other like hell and there's a little baby trying to help her mother while they are fighting even someone behind the recording said that move the baby because they way they're fighting its like they want to kill each other.

The other lady ended up dominating the fight by beating the other lady dragging her down and pulling her out of the salon, she was beating her on the face with multiple fists, pulling her hair, and dragging her out. She then even jumped on top of her outside the salon. Why do people always care about taking videos not helping each other what if they fight like this and one of them dies?

Here's what Twitter users had to say about the fight.

Watch video below


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