Mixed reactions online as Bolanle’s husband Lincoln says he married her for clout.


Video vixen Bolanle’s husband did a live video on his Instagram web page to discuss about the fallout of his 6-months old marriage with Bolanle.

Lincoln published the major motive he married her. He stated he solely married her for clout. He is married in South Africa. It was lockdown that made them connect together.

Lincoln additionally published some dirty things Bolanle does. The reason why Zlatan stopped using her and how Zlatan’s friend in Dubai had canal intimacy with her.

Lincoln's revelations got many people talking on social media.

The first set of people that reacted to the video have been of the opinion the man is doing too much. Some had been of the opinion may we not marry nonsense in our life. The only motive to marry her was to chase clout. The heart of a man is deep.

The second set of people were of the opinion may we not marry something we don’t understand or can’t explain.Some have been of the opinion for him to have reacted this way. He ought to have been enduring her for a long time.

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