Ned Nwoko's Eldest Daughter Jokingly Request For A Husband From Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels posted a video on Instagram of when she was being billed by her Step-Daughter and Sons. They all lined up and were requesting what they would like to get as a gift from her.

When everyone was asking for expensive gadgets like Macbook, Macbook Pro, Apple AirPods, and so on, Ned Nwoko's eldest daughter, Julia Nwoko requested a husband. 

When Regina heard it she jokingly said that it isn't a problem, that she should ask now, and she would get it instantly. 

Julia also laughed and said that it was daddy(Ned Nwoko) that said she should ask for a husband from her, she then requested a car from Regina.

Julia Nwoko is a beautiful lady, and she is just 24-year-old. She is a Brand Influencer, and not as popular as her daddy is. She is the stepdaughter of Regina Daniel, but the way they interact shows that she likes Regina. Getting a husband for a diva like Julia Nwoko with a rich father is not a problem.

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